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In response to industry demands and after years of multi-unit construction experience, Cableready designers developed a protective molding raceway that exceeds the cable industry's standards.

Until recently, system operators, installers, and apartment owners have settled for plastic moldings that were difficult to install, re-enter and re-install, and had an effective product life of only two to three years. Users have had to put up with plastic moldings that would crack, shift, discolor, warp and literally fall off the walls of buildings.

Cableready molding, made of 26 gauge Galvalume® steel, lasts longer and is more durable than G90 hot dipped steel. All molding is available in 6 colors (ivory, redwood, white, brown, light gray and dark gray) and 4 sizes (allowing for greater cable capacity).

In addition to our ultra-durable molding, we offer a complete line of accessories to meet all your cable installation needs from start to finish:

  • Touch up paint and caulking in all six colors
  • Hand cutters
  • Junction and outlet boxes
  • Anchors (nylon nail-in, plastic, and screw)
  • Hex head screws
  • Wall grabbers

All our products are guaranteed against cracking, warping, discoloring, blistering or peeling due to ultraviolet rays or harsh weather conditions for 15 years.

Call us today to discuss all your cabling needs at 1-800-222-2142. You'll get helpful assistance and fast delivery because all our products are warehoused at our facility.

Cableready's unique molding holds these patent numbers: 4,723,580 and 5,523,529.